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Behind On Payments

sell house fast virginia late paymentsThe bank has been calling asking for their mortgage payments. You try to avoid these calls but this will not solve the problem.

You just want to hide from this problem. But whose problem is it?

It’s yours and the bank’s problem.

You know your problem, let me tell you about the banks …

The bank borrows 3% the value of your home at the prime rate.

The ask you to put 5% down. They’ve already made 2%

Then they charge you for access to this money. This should be their cost of business, but it’s your expense.

Then theycharge you for delivering the money. Again, how do the get away with all of the initial fees when they are already profitable on the deal.

In your first three years you have been paying mostly interest by the design of the mortgage payments. You’ve barely made a dent in the principle if you have only been making the minimum payment.

Once you are 22% loan to value then your PMI payment goes away. Where do you think the PMI payment goes? Your PMI payment is at least 4000% profit for the bank at $99 per month or more.

And remember, as soon as they write the mortgage note they are immediately trying to sell this paper to other banks to meet their portfolio needs.

So here is the banks problem …

Mortgages that are behind on payments are a toxic assets that don’t allow them to continue to make money hand over fist.

Here is your problem …

Your credit is bruised and you are low on cash

We fix both of these problems. We help  you fix your credit, pay you for your home and we get the banks the payments they need to GO AWAY! Our job is to sell your house fast before the banks can finish any foreclosure proceedings.

Call us today at (410) 216-5578 if we can help NOW!!

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