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No Success with a Realtor??

chainedHouseWe are not real estate agents. Our program allows us to buy your property directly. When we agree to meet with you, we are not looking to “sell” the home for you. 


"I've Already Moved Out!!" - Sell Your House Fast Virginia.

sell_house_fastMany people have no other choice than moving and leaving their old home behind for an agent to sell. They take the needed cash for the “double payments” out of their savings, sometimes even out of their retirement funds just to stay current on the mortgage and preserve their credit.


My Property Needs Major Repairs

distressedProperty_350 With lending standards as tight as they are, if you have even so much as a broken door knob, you may be trying to market the unmarketable. In some cases, if the city or county “tags” the house you can be subject to fines or even lose the property altogether 


We Need To Split the Home

divorce_houseYou may be an "accidental property owner" who never planned on owning the real estate that is now a burden on you. 

Sell House Fast Baltimore

Do you need to sell your house fast in Baltimore, but are facing these common challenges …

  • Want to sell your rental, but you don’t want to disturb the tenants?

  • Do you want to get rid of bad tenants or a vacant rental?

  • Do you have a great tenant and want to liquidate your rental without asking your tenant to leave?

  • Do you have a pending foreclosure?

  • Are you behind on your mortgage payments?

  • Need to liquidate a home for quick cash?

  • Do you owe more than your home is worth?

  • Is your home listed as a “short sale”?

  • Do you need to sell a house that needs a lot of work?

  • Need to sell a house that needs a lot of “updating”?

  • Does it even have fire damage, water damage, mold issues, or a wet basement?

  • Do you need to sell a house you inherited?

  • Do you have title issues that you don’t know know how to overcome?

  • Do you have tax liens, Medicare liens, Medicaid liens to deal with?

Have other “life” issues…

  • Have you lost your job and want to sell it while you still have equity?

  • Do you have a listing that has expired or is now “stale”?

  • Are you getting divorced or separated?

  • Need to sell a house you just don’t want anymore?

  • Can’t handle making two mortgage payments… one on a vacant house?

We buy Baltimore houses FAST, in as-is condition, and you won’t have to pay any closing costs or fees. Call, email us, or simply fill out the form above to get started with the easiest home sale you’ve ever had!

What we can do for YOU…

Other “We buy houses” Maryland companies use fake websites and big national companies are set up to take your information and sell it …. to other investors and even back to the banks so you have no idea who will show up to your door (scary!). We are a LOCAL we buy houses Baltimore company that has been in the Maryland area since 2004.

  • We Don’t “List” Houses, We BUY Houses!

  • We Will Buy Your Home in ‘As Is’ Condition

  • You Make NO Repairs to the Home

  • We’ll Buy Your Home and Deal With All the “Stuff” In It So You Won’t Have To

  • We Purchase Rentals and We’ll Keep Your Current Tenants

  • You Pay NO Real Estate Commissions

  • You Pay NO Closing Costs

  • Get Immediate Debt Relief From Your Monthly Mortgage and get cash!!

  • We’ll Even Give You Fast Cash For Your Home for moving or other pressing bills.

  • You Pick the Closing Date

  • You Can “Rent Back” for a Period of Time so You Can Get Your Cash Now and Move Later

  • We Also Buy “Short Sales”, REO, and Probate Properties

Why you made the right decision stopping HERE:

  • We’ve been buying homes since 2004 – We’re not a “fly by night” company. We’ve bought and sold homes over the years and have a proven track record with experience for every unique home selling situation.

  • This business is known for “scam artists”. We pledge to be honest & truthful in all our transactions. We care about our reputation and promise to give you the best experience we can.

  • See REAL testimonial letters – Not just some words floating across the screen that some web designer created, but REAL letters with real signtures from happy homesellers who have sold their homes to us in the past and took the time to say “Thank You”.

  • We are local buyers. Many “we buy houses” websites are set up to take leads nationally and sell or distribute those leads to investors that have no standard buying procedures and may not even have funding in place to purchase. When you fill out their form, you have no idea who will come to your door! We are not a lead generator for other investors. We will deal with you personally and directly.

  • We are the actual purchasers of your home. Some real estate companies are set up simply to attempt to sell the contract they get with you to another investor. That means purchasing is out of your control and it may not even settle if they can’t find someone to purchase the home for higher than what they have it under contract for. We do the actual purchasing and renovating of homes. Other investors bring their contracts to us to settle. Cut out “the middle man” and save money by coming to us directly.

  • Fast, but friendly, service – We’ll listen to your individual situation, treat you with respect, and do our best to solve your home selling issues.

FINALLY… Peace of mind so you can sleep good at night!

Whether you need to sell your house quickly, just want to avoid the high cost of fixing up your house and paying a real estate agent to sell it, or even if you are facing foreclosure or owe more than your home is worth, WE CAN HELP YOU! We can CLOSE ON YOUR HOME next week (faster, if you need us to) We can help relieve your stress and help you move on with your life!!

Feel better, have peace of mind and sleep better at night!! Get on with your life!! We deal with all sorts of situations. We promise, we will give you our personal attention, we will treat you with integrity and we will keep all our conversations confidential. We will give you an offer, usually within 48 hours. You are under no obligation and it costs you nothing for us to make you an offer. So don’t wait, take action NOW and fill out the form at the top of this page or call us directly at (410) 216-5578



Davyd Ramirez
Executive Manager, Infinite Property Solutions LLC

Areas We Serve … 

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02nd Feb 2017
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